It’s the 2047 and You just started a new corporation. you know you can't compete with the big sharks around so you decided to play dirty.

After some research you discovered that one rival corporation is developing a
new product that will change the world.

It’s the perfect moment to steal it and claim it as yours

For that you have to hire hackers to do the nasty part of the plan. you can
hire them when you press on a hacker terminal.

- YOU lose if you reach -5000 credits and go Bankrupt.
- 5 Years have passed andyou did not succeeded with your plot.


Leandro Mesquita - The Half Leprechaun: Game Design & Code
Eugenio Gomez: Illustrations and Graphical Design
Carlos Solari: Music

Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorThe Half Leprechaun
Made withConstruct
TagsCyberpunk, cyberpunk-jam, hack, hackers, Management